Provide Code Support

To setup development environment...

  1. Clone the project: git clone

  2. Install yarnpkg : Official Guide‚Äč

  3. Install project dependencies:yarn

  4. Fire up the development server: yarn serve

  5. Get your favorite IDE and start developing!

Submit your changes

This project uses commitizen to organize commit messages. In order to utilize such tool, please:

  1. Install commitizen: yarn global add commitizen

  2. To start working on a feature/issue, use git checkout -b {branchName} to create a branch and switch to such branch; also, the {branchName} should in the following format:

    • When you are working on a feature, use feat-{featureName}

    • When you are working on a fix, use fix-{issueNumber}-{issueSlug} where in {issueSlug} please describe the issue in one or two words

  3. When you finished a feature/fixed a issue, use git add {file} to add your file into the change list and git cz to commit your changes

  4. Use git push --set-upstream origin {branchName} to push the branch to remote side (GitHub, in this case)

  5. Go to to create a Pull Request and wait for reviewers to review your change